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Necklace Length Guide.

Necklace Length Guide.

Necklace Lengths

Ever wondered where our necklaces sit on the body? This is an illustrated guide to give you an idea of different necklaces lengths.

In the image above the first layer, our Blossom necklace sits at 16", the Dash chain necklace at 18",  our Dimple necklace hangs at 20" and finally the Sunrays necklace finishes off the look at 22".

 Where does a 16" inch necklace sit?

16" Necklaces

A 16 inch / 40 cm necklace is considered a choker. They sit at the base of the neck and nestle perfectly in the nook of your collarbone. Think of these as the perfect base layer for your layered necklace looks. 

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 Where does a 18" inch necklace sit?

18" Necklaces

A 18 inch / 45 cm necklace which is known as princess is the most popular length for a necklace. It sits in the middle of your chest, beneath your collarbone. 

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 Where does a 20" inch necklace sit?

20" Necklaces

Necklaces between 20" and 24" inches / 50 - 60 cm are known as matinee. They are designed to hang in the middle of your chest and work best as the longest layers on a layered look.

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 Where does a 22" inch necklace sit?

22" Necklaces

Necklaces between 20" and 24" inches / 50 - 60 cm are known as matinee. A 22" / 55 cm necklace sits between the collarbone and the bust. They work great as the last layer on a layered look.

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When talking about the length of a necklace, we mean the measurement of the chain when it is unclasped and sat on a straight line.

If you want to customise your necklaces to your ideal length check out our Necklace Extender.

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