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The definitive guide to stacking rings.

Ring stacking. An art form. An expression of one's individual and unique style. And lets be honest a very fun activity. There's endless combinations and looks you can put together depending on the mood you're going for or the occasion or whether or not your pet approves. It's always my favorite part of putting an outfit together. That final sprinkle of sparkle before I head out. 

The one and only rule of ring stacking is...there are no rules! And why should there be? If you want to wear this dainty ring with that chunky ring you should well do so. Want to mix silver and gold? Go for it! Adorn all of your fingers? Who are we to stop you? Pairing a vintage piece with something a bit more contemporary? Sounds magical!

Jewellery is so personal, a reflection of our style, it evolves as we grow. Experiment with layering your jewellery as you would with your look or your outfits. Take this one off, add that one in, swap fingers on that one, just play around until you end up with your ideal look.

I appreciate it can be hard to know what rings will go together, especially when you don't have the rings in front of you to try on so I've put some looks together to jump start your creativity. I hope it will inspire you and help you create your very own personalised stack!

You'll find link to the rings pictured above each image. Oh and the best part? This page will be updated often with even more sparkly ring stacks so make sure you bookmark it and revisit for more inspo! 

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 Mel Wavy, Blossom Bloom, Orion

Stacking ring ideas.

Dot & Elspeth | Sold as a set too.

Ring stacking set.

Blossom Bloom & Blossom Petal

Ring stacking ideas.

Hammered & Orion | Sold as a set too.

Ring stacking ideas.

Mel Wavy & Bamboo

Ring stacking ideas.

 Diadem & Honeybee 

Ring stacking guide.

Arch, Elletra Crown, Double Band & Peak

mega ring stack idea

Elsa Pave & Dot

Dainty dot sparkly ring stacking idea

Omega, Elspeth Artisanal Stone & Chain Link

Sparkly stacking ring idea

 Mel Wavy & Elspeth Artisanal Stone

Dainty stacking ring ideas

 Mel Wavy, Elspeth Artisanal Stone & Orion Celestial Band

Feminine dainty ring sacking ideas

Elspeth Artisanal Stone

Bold statement ring stack

Lotta Wavy & Chunky Geo | Sold as a set too.

Chunky ring stacked set

Ring stacking ideas.

Arch & Elletra Crown

Perfect ring stacking ideas

Mel Wavy, Elspeth, Elletra, Chain Link

Ring stacking ideas.

Omega, Line & Mel Wavy

Dainty celestial ring stack

Diadem & Evil Eye | Sold as a set too.

Arch, Polaris & Diadem

Chain Link, Bubble, Elspeth Artisanal Stone & Signet

Feminine energy ring stack idea

Diadem & Tiny Solitaire

Engagement ring stacking ideas

Diadem & Polaris

Ring stacking ideas

Eternity & Twisted

Eternity ring stacked set

Elletra Crown & Orion Celestial Band

Celestial magic stacking ring ideas

Elletra Crown, Omega & Double Band

gold ring stacking ideas

Diadem, Elsa Pave & Elletra Crown

Gemstone ring stacking ideas

Tiny Solitaire, Dot & Bamboo

Solitaire ring stacking ideas

Omega & Line | Sold as a set too.

Ring stacking ideas

Hammered, Dot, Peak & Double Band

Dainty gold rings stacking
Ring stacking ideas

Omega, Bamboo, Sphere, Rope

Ring stacking ideas

Peak & Line

Hugging rings stacking ideas

 Rope & Bamboo

Super thin ring stacking idea

Shield & Wrap

Statement ring stacking ideas

Peak & Double Band | Sold as a set too.

Delicate ring stack

Signet & Shield

sterling silver ring stacking ideas

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