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My favorite small Greek brands.

Looking for small Greek brands to support? Read on.

What a time it has been for small businesses over the past couple of years. Over the course of the pandemic while on one hand jobs were lost and people's future's looked rather uncertain, on the other small brands around the world sprouted, grew and bloomed. And that was certainly the case in Greece with lots of small Greek brands taking center stage.

While it has definitely been a tough and challenging time for small businesses, they are finally getting the attention and recognition they deserve.

We are certainly spoiled for choice with such amazing talent out there and it can be a wee bit overwhelming navigating the online space to find them all! So I've made a list of my favorite's and I intend to keep adding to it as I discover more. 

Here is a list of my favorite small Greek brands.  

Plexida - women led handcrafted knitwear

It's a Shirt - slow fashion family owned brand

Allios - ethical brand that focuses on sustainable production

Aprilios - unique handpicked vintage pieces

Karavan - clothing for wanderers

Ether - eco lifestyle brand made with respect towards the earth

Apeiranthos - natural skincare

METHEN - sustainable brand that captures the Athenian essence

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