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Support small businesses.

Support small businesses.

Indie businesses of ALL KINDS need your support now more than ever. The big guns can weather the storm but indies might not. Do your research, get organised and choose to shop local & small this holiday season. 

Here are a few ways to support small businesses of all kinds this holiday season. ⁠


from jewellery, to clothing, to accessories, to homeware and everything in between: you can find a small business that makes what you are after.


order in from a local restaurant or do your xmas food shop from a grocer and celebrate at home; set the tone with flowers from a nearby florist and send a DIY food kit to your loved ones.


burn a fragrant candle and transform your home into a serene oasis. book massages and nail appointments for your friends as presents or gift DIY kits and online workshops.


in yourself or your business. hire a tutor, learn a new skill or hire independents! graphic designers, PR's, photographers, make up artists, social media experts. they are all out there ready to make your ideas a reality.


every small business owner will bend over backwards to make a customer happy and deliver stellar service.


help small business grow by sharing and recommending your favorites to family and friends.

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