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6 takeaways from my first week at jewellery school.

6 takeaways from my first week at jewellery school.

Jewellery wax carving


Enrolling in the course only confirmed what I already knew...I am utterly and completely in love with it. I can't tell you how long I've been wanting to do this. Actually, scrap that, I can: the first time I went to enquire about course was in July 2018! This course will enable me to learn how to actually turn my ideas into reality. On my own, without the help of an expert. I will be the expert!! *mind blown*


My office is located 3 meters away from my bedroom. My day to day uniform consists of jeans and a t-shirt plus all the bling. But for my first day! meeting my school mates! I had to dress up!! I hit the spot with an outfit that was both cute AND comfortable to work in. Yeah throw all the cute outfit dreams out the window. In precisely 0.3 seconds after class began I was covered in wax dust. The end. 


The reason I moved from London to Thessaloniki 3 years ago? The need for a slower pace. Wax carving? One of the slowest practises. Just like sewing and cross stitching, wax carving can be very therapeutic. A splash of zen. 


I noticed a change in my mood at the end of the first day. It felt incredible to be in a room full of creative people, let alone people who are in MY sector! Incredible boost. I ran my business on my own so it was a nice change to have "colleagues" for a few days in the week. 


As a practice it's very conscious of materials. From day one we are taught and expected to recycle everything we can. The wax dust is reused during the casting process and metals can be melted down and re used.  

Go for it

If like me you've been sitting on an idea for way too long, waiting for "the right time" to start it, don't wait! Start now! I wish I started this sooner. For me it acted as a reset button in the sense that it woke me up, got me out of the house and connected me to like minded people. 


I will be posting updates of my progress here so you can follow along if you'd like.


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