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Year Necklace

I love every and all jewellery, I do not discriminate or shun any piece that lands on my hands. I find that each piece has its own beauty and character whether it's brand new or a vintage find. But my very favorite pieces of jewellery are the ones that you can customise and truly make your own. This is why I created the Year necklace. It is a piece that serves as a reminder of a significant time in your life that you can keep on you, always.

custom birth year necklace

Now what Year would you wear? A birthday or an anniversary? Perhaps the year you decided to risk it and launched your very own business? Maybe you would like a reminder of the year you met your partner or even the year you welcomed a child or loving pet into your life? How about the year you decided to start over and found yourself again?

What year is special to you?


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