Meet the Honeybee family.

Meet the Honeybee family.

It was only a matter of time and it has finally happened. Our beloved sweet little Honeybee Necklace grew into a little family of Honeybees! We are very excited for you to meet the matching ring and matching stud earrings. The Honeybee has been a fan favorite since it launched in 2017 (which apparently is 4 years ago and not last year). 

The OG Honeybee necklace, and all Bee pieces really, were inspired by my beloved grandma Soula, who I call melisoula which is the Greek word for "little bee". She is the one who taught me how to string beads on thread and make jewellery when I was little. This whole collection is dedicated to the wonder that she is. 

The Honeybee Family consists of a necklace, stud earrings and a ring. They are all available in Vermeil as well as Solid Gold.

The Honeybees are available as a set too. Buy as a set and save money. 
Vermeil Honeybee Jewellery SetSolid Gold Honeybee Jewellery Set

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Gifts for bee lovers
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