How to stack the Honeybee ring.

How to stack the Honeybee ring.

The newest addition to our Honeybee Collection, the Honeybee ring, launched a few days ago. It features our signature mini bee motif and has a sleek rounded band. As per usual it's available in limited quantities in both Vermeil & Solid Gold.

It's no secret we love a good ring stack session here in the pico. HQ so we've made a style guide to show you the perfect pairings for our sweet Honeybee Ring.

Ladybird approved.

Our favorite way to stack the Honeybee ring is with the bee motif resting comfortably in the middle of the Diadem ring's curve. It perfectly complements the shape of the Honeybee ring. This ring pairing gets a ladybird's seal of approval. Is there a higher honor than this? I don't think so.

Rings shown: Diadem & Honeybee

A ladybird walking on a hand wearing a honeybee ring stacked with a hugging ring.

For forever.

Super sweet & symbolic. But what makes this look work? This combination plays on the curves of the two designs. The interwoven loops of the bottom band symbolize eternity, while the honeybee stands for community and perseverance.

Rings shown: Honeybee & Eternity Ribbon

A hand wearing an eternity band stacked with a honeybee ring on the pointer finger.

Feminine & sweet.

Even more curves, this time the wavy & sparkly kind. The dips & peaks of our Mel Wavy ring help balance out the bee motif and give a feminine edge to the pairing. They make a perfect stack!

Rings shown: Honeybee & Mel Wavy

A hand wearing an honeybee ring stacked with a mel wavy ring on the pointer.

Clean lines.

These two rings complement each other very well. The body of the bee motif rests gently on the curve of the Arch ring. We love to watch our designs come together, what a winning combo!

Rings shown: Honeybee & Arch

A hand wearing an arch hugging ring stacked with a honeybee ring on the pointer.
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