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Stacking ideas for the Arch & Evil Eye rings.

Another ring launch, another opportunity for me to play around and pair the new rings with their ultimate companions. The stacking ideas with these two are some of my favorite ones. Yet! Without further ado here are a few stacking pairings featuring the newly launched Arch Hugging Ring and Evil Eye Ring.

Combine them.

They look great on their own but they truly make magic when you wear them together. Just look at how well these curves complement each other! Chef's kiss!

Rings shown: Arch & Evil Eye.


A royal pairing.

There's something very regal about this combination. Can't put my finger on'll have to try it for yourself. You'll get what I mean!

Rings shown: Arch & Elletra.


Meant to be.

It's as if these two were...designed to be worn together. Hee hee...of course they were! The curve of the Diadem Hugging Ring was used as a guide to design the shape of the Evil Eye Ring. They are a match made in stacking heaven!

Rings shown: Diadem & Evil Eye.


Sparkly Minimalism

A dainty stacking ring idea that is still sparkly. The minimal wavy shape of our Mel Wavy Ring complements the curve of the Evil Eye Ring perfectly. 

Rings shown: Mel & Evil Eye


The mega stack

This stack ups the WOW factor by a 100%. It has it all! Celestial magic, sparkle and an air of timelessness. Wear this and you're a winner baby. 

Rings shown: Arch, Polaris & Diadem


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