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Postcards from Hydra.

Hydra Island Greece

Postcards from Hydra.

Hand with stacked rings in Hydra

The most beautiful backdrop for this neat little ring stack featuring the Orion Celestial Band Ring & the Chain Link Ring.

Cat in Hydra island, Greece.

There are no cars allowed in Hydra, only cute cats.

Breathtaking sunset at Hydra island, Greece.

Breathtaking sunset view from Hydronetta.

Rope hoops chilling on a rock.

Lemon in the sun.

Sunshine & lemons at our lunch spot. 

Bougainvillea in Hydra, Greece.

The island was filled with vibrant bougainvilleas, there was at least one fuchsia explosion at every little corner! 

 Evil Eye ring at Hydra, Greece

I spy with my little eye a little a sparkly Evil Eye ring lounging in the sun.

Door knocker detail in Hydra.

So many cute cats to pet, so little time. 


Vacation mood: bright colours and wide smiles.

Chunky stacking rings.

An absolutely stellar backdrop for this cracking stack featuring my two hand carved ring babies, Lotta Wavy & Chunky Geo.

Hydra, Greece.

This colour palette is *chef's kiss*.

Mariners Chain Necklace

Catching the sun & the Mariner's Chain Necklace.


By the sea for some R&R. 

*Featured image by Despina Galani.

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