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The Summer Siesta.

The Summer Siesta.

Hello you lovely shiny summery people!

As I'm typing this my air con is struggling to stay alive and to be honest so am I. I'm very close to melting, it is currently a scorching 35 degrees Celsius and the thermometer might climb all the way to 38. It's the stuff upside down smiley emoji dreams are made of. Yikes!

Happy 1st of August, today marks the beginning of what I like to call the Summer Siesta. It is something of a custom across the Mediterranean. For the first couple of weeks of August, we pause. Only for a little while, just enough to recharge our batteries. We take it slow, enjoy the sea and god almighty do we eat. It all leads up to a religious holiday on the 15th of August. There's festivals, happenings and a general celebratory mood in the air. 

Most small businesses are closed during this period. The same goes for the lovely man who hand makes all of my jewellery, a well deserved break! Please note all Vermeil orders placed from today the 1st of August until the 16th of August, will ship week commencing 17th of August.  

I will also be taking a break from the 4th to the 16th of August. Opals, Sale, Lil Tops, Cushions, Knits & Prints are all ready to go and can be shipped until I leave on the 4th of August. 

I hope you too get some time to pause, relax and enjoy the sun.

Love x

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