September 1st.

Happy first of the month!

Boy oh boy do I love this day, it signifies the start of autumn season, the beginning of a new month, a fresh start. I'm very ready for cooler days, it's been very warm and although it's a nice problem to have, it's just impossible to do any work in this heat. You just have to focus on staying alive.

I'm going to start using this space more going forward as I think it's a more solid way to keep my experiments, my progress and my journey documented. I remember how much I loved reading blogs back in the day, anyone had a Bloglovin account to keep track of their favorite publishers? I still have mine! 

A few weeks back I launched face masks on my shop. I used leftover fabric I had lying around from my uni days (circa 2008) and have now moved onto bigger and more elaborate projects, namely...puff ball bags!! My god you guys. These are adorable and so chic! I'm perfecting the shape and construction at the moment, will announce when they launch over email so make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter -here. I have some gorgeous cottons and luxurious silks to use for them, can't wait to see what they all look like. 

Puff ball bags made in black fabric.

I have also been working away on some more fabric projects, bigger fabric projects, bigger fabric projects that contain sleeves and neckholes and stuff (can you tell I really want to tell you what I'm working on?) (but I gotta make sure it's all looking peeerfect before showing you). And my god, I'm finally making use of that Fashion Design Bachelor degree I slaved away to obtain 10 years ago, LOL. Love, a late bloomer. 

green gingham tartan wrap dress

Last but not least, I set up a photobooth area of sorts so I can take pictures of larger items -see above and Mouskin claimed it as her new lounge area -see below. Oy vey, this child. 

Mouskin Imbro cat on pink fabric and wall

That's it for now, more soon.

PS: If you've read this far leave me a comment below!

Love x