On pivoting.

PIVOT. My oh my. ⁠

There was a time during lockdown 1.0 when the word "pivot" was all anyone could talk about. It was like hearing Ross on repeat for weeks on end. Everyone seemed to have found a way to do it, but I couldn't. It was a very challenging time for me and I struggled A LOT, I had no idea how to move forward so I did what we were all forced to do, pause. But like *really* pause. Chill without thinking about my sales being in free fall or the future of my business or anything stressful. I just stopped to catch my breath for a sec. ⁠

I tried to find ways to be creative without attaching a monetising aspect to my creativity. I went back to basics, my basics. My motto is "Making something out of nothing" (maybe that's why I love derelict spaces? see yesterday's post) and that's what I did. ⁠

Sitting on my sewing machine for a couple of hours is like a therapy session for me. My mind goes blank and I just have to concentrate on the task at hand. I had nowhere to be, my sewing machine was just there, and thanks to my fabric hoarding tendencies I had all the fabric I could need. ⁠

What better time to get making than during a lockdown? So I did, I slowly started using up all the beautiful fabrics I had collected over the past decade. I made bucket hats (using @theessentialsclub's easy peasy tutorial), started experimenting with bags (hello pico. puff ball bags), made my own face masks for my first trip after lockdown (in August 2020) which I then introduced to my shop. Made a gingham #picniccore dress (see pic) and just had FUN with it! ⁠

It took me a while to figure it out but I'm glad for this process because I fell back in love with my sewing machine and was able to add some new goodies to my pico. range while doing so. There's more experimentation happening and there's definitely more pretty things to be added to my product offering when the time is right. ⁠

We can take it slow, it pays off. ⁠

Can you relate?⁠ 😬