New For Christmas

This topic sliiightly makes me want to ugly cry while wearing stained old pyjamas with my hair up in a what used to be a bun & inhaling a bag of tortilla chips dipped in cheese sauce: ⁠New For Christmas. ⁠

Oh let me tell you, I had grand plans for Christmas. GRAND! I was gonna do this, I was gonna do that, I was gonna shake it all around. Make it fancy and extra special cause god knows we need some effing CHEERING UP. But lockdown 2.0 🙂 (the most sinister of emojis, moments away from intense eye twitching and a meltdown).⁠

I had a very bad morning today. I had to chuck out another set of ideas and...well...I freaked out (again) BUT with the help of my friends I got up again and once more I PIVOTED. You can 1000% call me Ross Geller at this point. Who even remembers my real name?⁠

I digress, I have an ace up my sleeve and it will hopefully be ready to share before the end of the week. It's currently brewing and has taken over my desk, dining table, chairs, photo studio space & brain. It's a good one. Keep dem peepers wide open!⁠

No one can pivot like Ross. Or a small business owner 💪🏻⁠