Making my own packaging.

If anything the lockdowns have brought on a wave of creativity and the newfound ability of pulling rabbits out of hats. They have affected my business in a lot (A LOT) of ways but today I will focus on one, my packaging manufacturing.

The issue:

I use a lovely British company to make my little pico. pouches but during the first lockdown I had an influx of orders and my stash almost disappeared. Their factory was also affected by the lockdown and the lead times were understandably very long so I had to figure out another way to package my orders until I could get my hands on some more.  The pouches below are the ones I have been using (and you have been loving) so far!

pico. the store drawstring pouch for jewellery storage and transfer.

My solution:

Sewing machine: have. Endless fabrics: (lordy lord do I) have. I just put two and two together and had my very own eureka moment, I'll just make my own little pouches! I hope by now you know how much I adore sitting on my sewing machine, sewing away for hours on end so you can only imagine how happy I was to be able to have an excuse to use it more and more. After a couple of trials I arrived to the below result which I was very pleased with. 

Handmade drawstring pouch for pico. the store packaging.

One step further:

After I had a go and saw that it's an enjoyable and very doable task to take on I decided to take it one step further and figure out a way to brand my little handmade pouches. I contacted one of my favorite screen printing studios: tind. extraordinaire. and asked them if they could make me a custom screen with my logo and they said YES! They are absolutely amazing, please check their shop out!


Today is the day I finally can focus on this project. I unboxed the beautiful package and it honestly felt like opening a Christmas present. They stuck handwritten labels on everything, made me the world's tiniest and cutest squeegee and included loads of beautifully screen printed merch as well as stickers. 

pico. the store logo screen print and squeegee by tind extraordinaire

pico. the store logo screen print by tind extraordinaire.

tind extraordinaire screen print stickers and merch

The future:

My goal is to have as small a footprint as possible as a business. By taking packaging manufacturing in house I can produce my pouches as and when I need them instead of ordering a large amount in advance. 

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