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So happy you found us.

Here's a little bit about us:It all started at my grandma's house back in the 90's when I was a kid. She gave me a box filled with beautiful transparent yellow glass beads and taught me how to make jewellery. I was mesmerized and tried to find more materials to work with, like my mum's vintage jewellery that I would repurpose and make into something new, something that looked a bit like the design that manifested in my mind. 

To save her jewellery collection, my mum helped me find jewellery supply stores, there were two shops that I loved and kept visiting every so often to see what was new. I went on to make creations out of fabric, plastic, wood, metal, ceramic -anything I could get my hands on. 

Soon I found myself surrounded by little trinkets that I had made with my hands so I started gifting them to my friends. I even showcased my wares on MySpace which was all.the.rage back then. A girl asked me if I sold my jewellery and I was like huh? I decided to say yes and she bought 12 items off me! 

I realized that this could turn into an actual business. Step one: give my newly formed business a name. I was listening to the Beatles at the time so I decided to name it Little Darling* -from their song Here Comes the Sun. I was heavily influenced by music and I would name my designs after songs of my favorite musicians like Arcade Fire, Devendra Banhart, Neutral Milk Hotel, Mando Diao, the list goes oooon.

Ten whole years later and it's still here! With a new name to reflect the growth and transition: PICO. Based in sunny Thessaloniki, Greece, PICO is a fashion brand for women who gravitate towards feminine, cool and sophisticated style. We create items that are made to last beyond the season. 

Welcome to PICO.

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